TPU Cutting Board
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  • COLOR:

Pink, Gray, Dark Gray, Navy, blue, green

  • TPU material is strong at knife scratches than other materials so it can be used hygienically.
  • There are less noise when cutting the foods.
  • One side of the cutting board has a furrow on the edge to prevent liquids to flow.
  • Back side of the cutting board has bumps for anti-slip.
  • TPU material is sturdy and flexible, so it helps to cook without spilling when moving the food from cutting board to pots or dishes.
  • After using the cutting board, boiling water can be poured for easy sterilization and it can be used in dish washer.
  • The cutting board has a hook, so it can be hang anywhere.
  • Cutting boards can be used with Naturnic TPU steel case or TPU injection case.