Non-Slip 3P Cutting Board Set
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  • COLOR:

Case: White

Cutting board: Mint, Blue, Pink

  • It is designed to use the cutting boards separately depends on the food to prevent cross-contamination of raw meat, fish, vegetable, fruit and others.
  • The cutting boards can be used both sides.
  • Cutting boards can be used in dish washer.
  • Available in 3 sizes for multipurpose.
  • The anti-slip rubber on the cutting board is designed on both sides so it can be safe while cutting the food in the wet kitchen.
  • The embossing of the cutting board surface makes the knife scratches hard to be seen and prevents from slipping when cutting the foods and helps to maintain the food stable while cutting it.
  • The groove around the edge of the cutting board helps to prevent the liquid to flow out of the cutting board.
  • The cutting board has a hole on the edge, so it can be hang anywhere.Knife and scissors can be dried and stored in the knife block holder.
  • The drainage hole at the bottom of the case helps to drain the water and it is easy to clean, so the cutting boards can be kept dry and clean always.
  • The gap between the cutting boards helps to make the cutting boards dry quick.
  • Anti-slip rubber is attached in the bottom of the case.
  • Cutting boards can be used with any compatible case holders from Naturnic.