Mono Dishrack
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ABS, Stainless steel

  • COLOR:


  • Flat wire in the body is thicker than the general wire so it is stable and strong.
  • Wire body and plastic body part can be assembled easily so it is easy to clean.
  • Every part can be disassembled.
  • Spoon holders can be installed on any sides of the dish rack and they are divided to store and dry spoon, fork(chopsticks), and kitchen tools separately.
  • Ventilation hole under the spoon holder drains the water outside of the holder to make the dinnerware clean and dry.
  • Dish stand can be disassembled easily so you can assemble it on either right or left side of the dish rack. 
  • Water spout is adjustable in length and rotates 360º to allow the water to flow directly into the sink in any directions for hygienic use.
  • Adjustable length water spout fits in any type of sink.
  • Non-slip foot prevents from slipping and shaking in the watery kitchen.